Meet the Team

Glenn Prezzano


Glenn Prezzano is the owner and president of Merrimack Valley Media Group Inc. He is the founder and publisher of Merrimack Valley Magazine and Originally from New York’s Long Island, he is a lifelong adman, with stints in outdoor advertising, daily newspapers and magazines. In the ‘80s, he chased a girl to the Merrimack Valley, married her, raised a family and started a business. He recently celebrated 32 years of marriage to aforementioned girl. When he’s not doing publisher things, he can be found sipping a good single malt scotch and puffing on a fine cigar — on a nice Floridian or Caribbean beach whenever possible. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Long Island University and a master’s degree from Boston University.

Doug Sparks

Editor in Chief

Doug Sparks is an editor and writer living with his wife, children and chihuahua in the greater Lowell area of Massachusetts. A lover of tea, music and poetry, he is a former coffee roaster. Aside from editing and writing, he has taught English literature and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, driven a delivery truck, lived on a goat farm and worked as a bouncer at an underground New York City club. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Goddard College and a master’s degree from New York University. He is a pretty good cook and prefers a cleaver to a chef’s knife. With a cleaver, it’s much easier to mince ginger.

Stephen Pennimpede

Creative Director

Stephen Pennimpede is a creative machine … a workhorse … and quite possibly the most organized artist you will ever meet. If the building is on fire, he’s the one that will finish the project, pack up and let the firemen in on his way out the door. He graduated from Tufts University with two degrees while working full-time (because one degree would have been too easy). He’s been using Photoshop since it was created, loves the clean design aesthetic of Japanese masters and dreams in CMYK color plates. His wife insists he’s a combination of both Leonard and Sheldon, even though he was a geek long before “Big Bang Theory” made that mainstream.

Katie DeRosa

Graphic Designer

Katie DeRosa is mvm’s resident Graphic Designer. A graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, she enjoys all aspects of design and seeing a project come to life on screen. When she’s not creating stellar ads and editorial layouts, she can be found on a bike trail, at the beach, or with friends, family, and her cat Milo.

Kristin Cole

Editoral Coordinator

Kristin is an undergraduate student at Merrimack College where she is currently working toward a double major in English and communication and media. When she’s not writing or watching films, Kristin is an outdoor enthusiast who loves kayaking and hiking through the woods with her two adorable dogs.